On to Calgary

We left Radium this morning and drove to Calgary by mid afternoon. The next few days will be spent with our kids and grandkids which should be lots of fun. Sylvia is spending time at a spa on Sunday with the 2 girls, while I get to babysit 2 very active little guys, so I might need a spa day after that.

We saw lots of wildlife again today including a very large brown bear that didn’t want to get out of the road. I’ll post some pics once I can get my laptop to a wireless connection. Sylvia had lots of Wow moments while we were driving. We do live in a wonder land.


3 responses to “On to Calgary

  1. ::waves:: We have wireless! 🙂

    Jason and I are horrible children in that we had no clue if you were coming today or tomorrow. Whoops!

    I’m sure we’ll talk to you this evening if you haven’t already chatted with Jay! Looking forward to watching a non-sucky hockey game tomorrow!


  2. Well Rod have fun baby sitting, if possible could you please try and get some current pictures of my great-grand sons. Thanks I am looking forward to see how much they have grown.


  3. Sylvia, How was your spa day? I hope that you and the girls had a wonderful time. Maybe Rod can do a spa on the way back.


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