Steinbach, then Kenora Ontario

We got away early again today, and stopped after a couple of hours at the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach. Some of you may not know this, but Sylvia’s heritage is Mennonite (I believe I was the first non-Mennonite to marry into her extended family) and so this village is a special stop on our travels.
We had a wonderful time examining the exhibits and displays of life for the Mennonites from the early 1500’s to today. They have numerous heritage buildings from around Manitoba that have been relocated to this site, and even some monuments from Russia commemorating events and people’s significant to the travels and troubles that surrounded the efforts of these people to live a life set apart from the world where they could preserve their culture and Christian faith.
They were even so astute to provide a restaurant which serves heritage Mennonite meals and we stopped to have a terrific faspa, or light lunch consisting of Borscht, bread and homemade jam, and most important, rhubarb platz for dessert. Have I mentioned that I really like to eat?
Today was a really big WOW day for Sylvia!


5 responses to “Steinbach, then Kenora Ontario

  1. Now that sounds like a place Sarah and I would love to visit,…. well…. David too with all that incredible food :^) What a great opportunity. I love learning about a person’s heritage. How exciting. It would have been a wow day for me too, Sylvia, whether I’m Mennonite or not :^) Norma


  2. Sylvia, remember your Grandmother was born in Winnipeg and taken to Russia when she was four years old.


  3. Coincidence! My niece and I dropped off several boxes of spare fabric from her quilting guild at the Mennonite Community Centre in St. Jacobs today!

    The food sounds great!


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