Finally a nice day at The Soo.

After listening to the rain pound on the roof of the trailer while we attempted to sleep last night, it was a very pleasant surprise to wake up to a sunny warm day today. It was so nice to pack things up without having to push my hood back on my head so I could see what I was doing as the rain pelted my glasses.

Today was a fairly short day’s drive, as it was just over 2 hours from Wawa to the Soo. The drive was very nice, though there were not very many viewpoints available at the roadside. The only decent one we passed was packed with semi’s and protestors waving signs stating their opposition to Wind Turbines being placed in the area. While I honour their wish to protest, I wish they’d have picked someplace else, as we could not stop and see the area they seemed to be trying to protect. We pulled off on the side of the road several km’s later to get what pictures we could.

When we arrived at the KOA site here, there was a sign with the magic words ‘RV Wash Station Available’ printed on it. I do believe that in our travels we must have hit every bug, bee, butterfly and otherwise winged insect that was left in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The front of my white trailer was a mishmash of bug guts and grime, and the truck wasn’t much better. It took us over 90 minutes to clean up the carnage, but now the trailer looks good, and we can see out of the windows again.

We’re going to spend a few nights here to see the sights, as there seems to be lots to keep us occupied, so we’ll let you know how things go.


4 responses to “Finally a nice day at The Soo.

  1. I Have a place foryou to set up for a few days in Nova Scotia. My Uncle has about 10 acres in Bass River and would welcome the company. I will be there July 16-30. Dad is staying until Aug. 25 so ifyou need a spot let me know.


  2. How is the Starchoice (Shaw Direct) working out? Have you been able to find the bird?


  3. Did you save any bug souvenirs? You know one from each province. You never know, you might ‘discover’ something new and have it named after yourselves. Caleb’s always looking for new undiscovered and unnamed creatures.


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