Last Day in the Soo

We’ve had a good time here the last 3 days, and took advantage of the nice weather to relax a bit. We did manage to get out and see some sights though, including walking along the St. Marys River locks which allow ships to transit from Lake Superior to Lake Huron. We also spent time walking along the riverfront boardwalk that the city has built next to downtown, and watched the fishermen (and women) sitting patiently along the waterfront keeping busy while they were not catching anything. Seems just like the fishing pier at home, it’s a good place for people to watch and talk, but not so good for seeing a fish reeled in.

Today we spent the morning at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre where they have 22 models of float equipped aircraft on display. It was an interesting day, as I’ve been on several of these types of planes over the years in my travels with Telus, and Sylvia has been on a few amphibious aircraft as well. They had a couple of great movies showing how these planes were developed to assist in fire suppression, and ended up being just the ticket for flying to remote northern wilderness sites that Canada seems to have lots of. We finished the day visiting some heritage buildings in town. The first was an 1814 stone house (mansion) built by a fir trader name C. O. Ermatinger, and the second a home built on top of an old Northwest Company powder magazine by a businessman named Francis Clergue who seemed to have a finger in every pie in Sault Ste. Marie for a short while in the early 1900’s  . A very unique and interesting building which matched the personality of the fella who built it quite well. Pictures will follow when I next get a chance to post them.

We’re off to Parry Sound tomorrow, and hope to see the Bobby Orr museum while we’re there.


3 responses to “Last Day in the Soo

  1. Hey Rod & Sylvia, I see you are covering quite a bit of ground in spite of the not so great weather. Or maybe due to the not so great weather. Hopefully more decent weather ahead. You are discovering more about this huge country in a couple weeks than most people get to experience in a lifetime.

    We are still struggling to get the temperatures to remain above 20 for more than a day or so in this part of the world.

    I chatted with Don Highsted today, he is headed East as well. He is headed to Carmanville, NL (my home town) for a wedding. He is there for a week or so. You can wave as he passes overhead.

    Happy travels.


  2. Glad you are finally having nice weather,you are not missing any great weather here…keep up the postings we are enjoying your adventure,maybe we won’t have to take that trip when Ev retires…


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