Parry Sound

We’ve spent a couple of days at Parry Sound, which is on the eastern end of Georgian Bay, which in turn is on the eastern end of Lake Huron. This is a former Forestry town which has turned into a tourist town as the forestry work has disappeared. It is also a hugely popular area for cottages both on the ‘mainland’ and on the many islands in the area.  In fact, the area is called the land of 30000 islands. This number is not an exaggeration, and only includes places over 1 acre in size. On top of these there are innumerable rocks and shoals scattered around the area many of which have caused shipwrecks over the years.

We took a 3 hour cruise this afternoon which seemed to pass by most of the 30000 islands, and certainly saw several hundred cottages ranging from lean-to’s to small mansions, most of which are accessible only by boat. It was a great trip, and we really enjoyed the scenery (the 137 pictures I took should tell you something about how pretty it was). The ship we were on carries 550 passengers, but as it was still early in the season there were only 100 or so of us on board, which made it easy to get around and take pictures. It was kinda strange though, as the tickets weren’t cheap and there were a few people napping on the seats for most of the voyage, or spending their time reading. If you’re gonna pay for the ticket, at least enjoy what there is to see!

We also spent some time at the local Hall of Fame dedicated to Parry Sound’s best gift to the NHL, I believe he wore #4 for the Vancouver Canucks – Neil Belland! Oh, there was also a lot of other info about another #4 named Bobby Orr, but since he wore a Bruins uniform most of his career, I prefer not to think of him that fondly after the latest Canuck disappointment. Actually it was a very good display, and we enjoyed it a lot. Sylvia even beat me at the vintage Bobby Orr Table Hockey game and I may never live it down. I started being a fan of hockey at the time Bobby entered the NHL, and it was great to see some of the old pictures and video of his exploits again.

We’re off to Southwest Ontario for the weekend to visit with some old friends from Campbell River, and see if we can enjoy some Canada Day celebrations in the area.

We hope you have a good Canada Day wherever you are.


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