Back in Farm Country

Yesterday’s drive took us around Lake Huron to what is referred to as the Niagara Escarpment. We started out in the lush forests and lakes of Ontatio’s Cottage Country, drove through lots of traffic heading in and out of Toronto through the city of Barrie, and once we turned west were in some of the most developed farm land we’ve seen yet. The weather here must have been very good for growing this spring, as the canola, corn and wheat is very far along compared to the prairies.
We ended up at the Shamadon Rv Resort near Aydon, which I believe is right next to Nowhere. Last night was probably the first night that we didn’t hear any traffic on the Trans-Canada, or wake up to the sound of a train’s whistle since we left BC. When we drove into the park, the staff were thanking us for arriving early, and we were a bit confused, as there were only 3 or 4 trailers parked in the 100+ sites. By the time evening rolled around, the place was packed with people escaping from Toronto.
We’ll be having a quiet day, and will see if we can find a Canada Day celebration somewhere.
I’ve had to make an appointment to get new tires on the trailer, as we’ve just about worn off the back ones. That happened in a hurry, so I’ll get them to check and see if something is wrong with the alignment. We’ve had the trailer for 3 years, and haven’t had any issues with tires, but I spoke to a fellow Arctic Fox owner in Utah when we were there, and he’d gone through 7 tires in 3 years, so maybe we were due.
We hope you have a good Canada Day, and have an opportunity to spend it with your family.


4 responses to “Back in Farm Country

  1. There is definitely something about RV parks that attracts railway lines! I did once find an RV park in Oregon that did not have a RR as a neighbour but at 6:00 AM sharp I found out it did have a sawmill next door!

    Your tire wear could be alignment. broken springs or overloading. Or just normal wear and tear. Our car dolly was going through a set of tires every 10,000 miles until we found a dealer who took the time to find out we were running the wrong tires on it since forever! The new (correct) tires have over 20,000 miles on them and show hardly any wear.


    • We have dual axles on the trailer, and the front set of tires are fine, while the rear set are bald only on the inner portion of the tires, so I tend to think there’s something wrong with that axle only. We’ll see what the tire shop says on Monday.
      It sure is nice to have a pretty site that’s also quiet here. The only thing that makes noise in the morning is the birds, and even they seem to be on mute!


  2. I’m so glad that you were watching your tires and that one didn’t explode on you as you were traveling. Praise the Lord for His protection and keeping you diligent. ;^) Blessings and love to you both.


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