Oh, and did I mention it’s HOT!

Over the last 3 days we’ve removed the feather duvet from our bed, only to be quite cold under only a blanket, then had a comfortable night’s sleep at a very moderate temperature, to finally come to last night when we couldn’t even bear to have a sheet on us when we went to bed.
Yesterday was well into the 30’s and didn’t cool down much until about 4:30 this morning when the birds woke us up. In our travels yesterday, the AC in the truck was having a hard time keeping up and the cab seemed more like a sauna than a pickup. To top it off, we experienced a terrific, though short and violent, windstorm and an extended lightning show all last evening. Now we also know more of the feel of the humidity that we were warned about in Ontario, as the reading this morning is 94%.
At least it’s not dull around here, and there’s no way we’re going to complain about heat this year!


One response to “Oh, and did I mention it’s HOT!

  1. We have a huge assortment of down comforters, blankets and duvets that we pack in the shower. We think we are equipped for any weather condition until we run into the next one.

    When Norma worked for the Member of Parliament in Terrace we made a couple of trips to Ottawa, both winter and summer. The winters are extreme but I will choose them over summer humidity every time.

    In the USA you can get your A/C charge topped up. In Canada it is illegal. Also tires are much cheaper in the US, if you can wait that long.


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