Last Day in Montreal

We spent our last morning taking it easy and trying to conserve our strength so we could possibly stay up past our bed time and experience some of the nightlife in Old Montreal. After lunch we drove into Longueuil to catch the Metro again. We found the transit system in Montreal to be quite an advantage, and got a lot of use out of our 3 day passes. The only thing they’re missing is washrooms. We did not find one in any of the terminals we stopped at, and once when we were getting desperate, had to leave the station and walk to the nearby library to find some facilities. It’s probably not much of an issue when you’re a commuter, but as a tourist traveling back and forth on the lines it proved to be rather inconvenient.

We took a couple of transfers, and ended up at the Mont Royal Plateau. The main streets in this area are packed with small shops, markets and bistros, as well as people. The sidewalks were packed with people and seating area for the restaurants. Once we got off the main roads, the side streets were much less crowded, and lined 3 or 4 story row houses, usually with one suite per floor. These come right to the street for the most part, not leaving much room for green space. In the middle of this area is the large Parc La Fontaine. Since nobody has a piece of lawn to sit on at home, they all congregate in the park, and it was packed with people and bicycles. It was not too crowded though, and a very nice place for a walk.After a couple more streets of shops and hustle and bustle we’d had enough, and went searching (in vain)  for the required washroom and then the Metro station.

From here we went back to Old Montreal as we hadn’t nearly seen it all. Saturdays are quite the day in the area. There were limos lined up outside the Notre Dame Basilica along with a number of wedding parties, and we heard the church bells being rung several times during our walk through the area. Saturday is also the day for stag and stagette parties in the area. There were several groups celebrating in rather bizarre costumes, and in various stages of sobriety. As on the last day we were in the area, there were quite a number of buskers, but this time they had huge crowds to perform for. We saw a couple of the same performers we’d seen the last time, but also several new acts.

We stopped for a nice dinner in a sidewalk terrace, and had a great chance to people watch, and count the number of wedding dresses walking down the cobble stoned streets. After a couple more hours we’d figured out that we didn’t have the stamina in this heat to stick it out much longer and made our way back to the campsite. Yes we’re getting older. After dark there were fireworks for the Montreal Fireworks competition, but all we could do is hear them, as we were too far away to see the show. Awwww, this getting old and tired sucks.

We’re off to Quebec City this morning, and from the looks of it, it should be just as warm as it’s been here after today’s showers – 94% humidity is expected for tomorrow morning. I think we might melt.

Montreal 1 006

The cobblestoned streets aren’t too good for walking on in high heels. It was kinda funny watching all the bridesmaids hobbling through the area

Montreal 3 038

Just a small part of the Biological Garden.

Montreal 3 033

A 50 year old Bonsai forest. Some of the Bonsai at the Biological Garden were over 200 years old

Montreal 3 046

Did I mention that Place Jacques Cartier was busy on a Saturday evening>

Montreal 3 027

Biological Garden

Montreal 3 023

They also have Sturgeon in the St Lawrence river system

Montreal 3 020

The one bird that stood still long enough to take a picture inside the Biodome.

Montreal 3 010

What big (orange) eyes you have my dear. Did you know that an Owl’s eye touch inside their head?

Montreal 1 021Montreal 1 018

Montreal 1 008

Place Jacques Cartier. This place was full of buskers, people and shops, and on Saturday, there were quite a few bridal parties.


2 responses to “Last Day in Montreal

  1. He Rod,
    I thought you were not going to complain about the heat.
    We still have lots of rain, last night a big thunder storm.


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