Who needs Fireworks!

We left Montreal in the the morning just as the heat was beginning to build. Our trip took us along hwy 132 which followed the St Lawrence through several small towns and it was a very nice drive until we reached Sorel/Tracy where we ran into a stop sign every second street so we decided to head south to the Trans Canada for the rest of the trip to Quebec City.

By 11:00 it was 31 degrees and when we stopped for lunch in Drummondville we also decided to pick up some groceries, mainly so we could be in an air-conditioned building for a while. From there it was about 90 minutes to Quebec City and we shortly began to head into a cloudbank, which turned into a thunderstorm very quickly. In about 10 minutes, the temperature dropped to 21 degrees and we were greeted by some of the heaviest rain and most dazzling lightning we’d seen on the trip so far. We got through the storm just as we reached our RV park, and were able to set up without bringing out the rubber boots.

All was fine until about 10:30, and we had a nice chat with Bryan, Jocelyn and the boys, then just as we were going to bed the skies let loose again. I had left the canopy out and needed to roll it up in a hurry, as the winds had really picked up, and while it was not raining when I was outside, the lightning show (which was directly overhead) was spectacular. It kept us entertained for about 15 minutes, then passed on to keep some other area awake for a while.

We woke up this morning to puddles and clouds, but by 10:00 the skies had cleared and the heat had returned. At least it doesn’t rain during the day for us. I kinda like that system.


3 responses to “Who needs Fireworks!

  1. Just wondering…isn’t the air conditioner working in your truck?
    Since you had to go shopping to cool off.


  2. East Coast storms…. they can be amazing…. I remember when traveling through Montana………


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