A nice day for a drive

Today ended up being the catch up day for laundry and other chores necessary when we’re always on the go. We didn’t get caught up on things until after lunch, so we decided to explore the area south of Quebec City towards the US border. Essentially we ended up just driving around trying to get lost. As I’ve said, we both like the building styles of the houses both old and new in this area, and this gave us the chance to see if we could find some gems, which we did.

Quebec city 3 008

This cutie shows pretty well everything we like about these house styles, the sloping roof curving into a veranda cover is quite common, and the stonework just causes Sylvia to want to build one just like it. As I said yesterday it’s hard to tell how old this house is, as ones that look new and ones that look like they’re from a century or more ago really look similar.

The day was pretty hazy for the most part, turning into another lightning show by dinner time. Because of the haze, the landscape shots we took didn’t really do the terrain justice, but the farmland is really rich and green. And there are always cute farmhouses to see.

Quebec city 3 003

Finally we noticed a fair number of Telus vehicles in the area, as Telus owns the former Quebec Tel. (I can’t get away from them no matter where I go!) It was interesting to see both Bell and Telus installers working in the same area though.Quebec city 3 001

At least this fella seems to be a real Telus employee, as we did see a couple of ‘Authorized’ contractor vehicles as well. However, this style of aerial lift vehicle was removed from service in BC some 15 years ago as they were considered unsafe.

Tomorrow we’re off to Rimouski or thereabouts to see what we can see in the Gulf of St Lawrence.


One response to “A nice day for a drive

  1. Great to see you are having a great holliday. Just got home from ours today and will e-mail pics tomorrow. We had quite an adventure over the last 3 1/2 weeks


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