On to Gaspe

We travelled to the Gaspe on Saturday July 23rd, and had a good start to the morning. Mid way through our travels though we ran into a steady rain, and by the time we got to L’Anse Du Griffon near Forillon National Park it was coming down in buckets, and we had sheet lightning on top of it. We had few opportunities to take pictures on our drive, as the skies were pretty gray and low, but this is at a rest area where we stopped to stretch our legs.

Gaspe 1 001

There are pictures of an area called Gros Morne, and before the Newfies take offense, I know that Gros Morne Park on the Rock is going to be much more of a spectacular sight.

Gaspe 1 003Gaspe 1 005

And hopefully with less grafitti as well.


2 responses to “On to Gaspe

  1. No offense taken.
    The Gros Morne on the “Rock” is high on my list of places to give the camera a good workout. I guess it’s still a while before you get to that part of your journey. Maybe by then the weather will have smartened up a little.


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