Now this was a surprise!

For our last full day in Bathurst, Ed and Cathy suggested we go for a tube ride down the Little Sou’west River in an area called Miramichi about an hour from their home. Neither our friends or us had never been tubing, but had always wanted to try it, and so figured our visit was as good a time as any to take the plunge. After a nice drive to the town of Sunny Corners, along with their friends Buck and Sue we arrived to find Stewart’s Tubing packed with cars, busses and people hoping to have a good time. From the base camp, after they take your money and have you sign a disclaimer, they bus you about 5 km up the river, set you up with a tube, and send you on your way back to where you started.


The trip takes about 2 hours, and includes some spots where the rapids are quite fast, and also quite shallow. Our bums hit the rocks a few times, and it’s surprising how little good you can do trying to paddle a tube out of the way of onrushing rocks. Despite the crush of people and cars at the base, the river was not very crowded and we had a very good time during our excursion. Sylvia only screamed a bit when she first got into the water. She’s such a girl.

One of the highlights we passed under on our travels down the river was a zipline adventure ride that crosses the river.

Bathurst 3 013

We couldn’t resist, and once we’d dried off and recovered a bit we signed up for the zipline ride.

Bathurst 3 001Bathurst 3 005Bathurst 3 003

It was a hoot, and we really enjoyed the 1100 meter trip across the river and back, although Sylvia again had to exercise her lungs a bit at the start of the ride.

Bathurst 3 008

As Sylvia says, ‘it was a WOW day’, and we really enjoyed the time with our friends. Who could ask for more. We hope that you all had a good weekend and were able to spend time with your family and friends just like we did!



5 responses to “Now this was a surprise!

  1. What an amazing day you two had. How wonderful. I’m jealous :^) When you were talking about Syliva, screaming, I had to laugh as I could hear her in my mind. I’m so glad you both are having such a good time. The east coast truly is amazing isn’t it. But of course you can say that about all of Canada and the diversity of places that can be explored. May God continue to bless and keep you both in His hands as you explore just a wee part of His creation.


  2. Wow, Sylvia,
    I’m proud of you, that took a bit of nerve, I bet someone dared you?
    Glad you are having fun.


  3. Well, how do you guys feel today, lots of aches and pains?


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