Central PEI

We’ve spent the last 2 days exploring the central area of PEI from Charlottetown to Summerside, and up to Cavendish where we’re staying. The Island is a real surprise to us (like most of what we’ve seen everywhere in Canada), and is extremely pretty. The area around Cavendish is tourist central, with Amusement parks, Go Kart tracks, Ripley’s museums, wall to wall shops and stores, and oh yeah, just a bit of stuff related to Anne of Green Gables.

Yesterday we left the area pretty early in the morning and drove along the coast with the aim of making it to Charlottetown eventually. Our first side trip was to Prince Edward National Park, which skirts the northern shoreline in this area. The views are wonderful, and we really enjoyed travelling along the ocean.

PEI 1 009PEI 1 010

The picture on the left is the landside of the dunes shown on the right. They have a real problem of erosion on the north shore, and are losing 1 meter of land a year. You can see the stakes where they are trying to protect the dunes, and have planted grasses to try and keep the sand in place. The red sand is due to Iron oxide in the soils, and is also the reason I can add to my collection of red-dirt shirts that I’ve picked up in Hawaii and Arizona.

Much of the architecture on the north side of the island has the colour green built into it somewhere. This resort is on the edge of the National Park, and includes a number of cottages, and I think this area must include the largest number of vacation cottages on the planet. These accommodations are absolutely everywhere along the north shore and run the gamut from rustic to luxurious.

PEI 1 018

Charlottetown itself is an old and historic town, and we toured the Confederation Hall that commemorates the original meeting in 1864 which set up the whole process which led to Canada’s founding. The funny thing is that PEI decided that belonging to the nation of Canada was not for them, and opted out for a few years. The hall shows the history of the process from 1864 up until the creation of Nunavut in 1999, and includes all the promises given to provinces to join confederation, both those kept and conveniently ignored. Just in case you didn’t know, BC joined the confederation in 1871.

Today we took it easy in the morning as we have purchased tickets to an ‘Anne and Gilbert’ musical this evening, and want to be fresh for the show. After lunch we took off to explore the area between Cavendish and Summerside. We spent about 3 hours heading down roads wherever the truck was pointed. We stopped at several spots to take in the scenery, and here’s a sample.

These were from just north of Cavendish in the National Park.

PEI 2 001PEI 2 003

These two were in the area of New London. The water is full of buoys in this area as there is lots of mussel and oyster harvesting done here.

PEI 2 008PEI 2 009

This church is in Indian River which is virtually in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t see many houses for miles around. Spinnakers Landing is a shopping area on the waterfront in Summerside.

PEI 2 015PEI 2 017

And this is representative of all the area we drove through this afternoon.

PEI 2 021

At the end of our 3 hour trek I punched in the address of the RV park so we could find our way home, and we were only 37 km away from where we started. We sure saw a lot in that small area. One of the sights was this house on 1.1 acres with a spectacular view, ocean just across a very small road, and ton’s of charm.

PEI 2 010

The fact that it hits all of Sylvia’s ‘got to have’ buttons as far as house design goes and is for sale for a staggering $325,000 just makes us shake our heads. Transplant this place to Victoria area waterfront and you can increase the cost almost 10 times. Oh well, it’s still too far to commute from Campbell River.

This evening we did our first ‘Anne’ thing (if you don’t count buying Anne of Green Gables chocolates that is) and went to the Anne & Gilbert show at the theatre in Summerside. It is a musical portraying the heroine as she prepares for college and finally falls for Gilbert. The show was great, and the singing top notch. Now we’ll see if we can find some local musicians to watch tomorrow.


3 responses to “Central PEI

  1. I’m with Sylvia, just love that last house. Nothing says you can’t build one of those in BC. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. I’m glad you saw the play, I bet it was great.


  2. Incredible!!! Just incredible. The pictures are amazing. And the land…. wow!! Thank you so much for sharing that. I agree, wouldn’t it be nice to have that much land and a house ( I would be quite happy with a rustic one) and transplant it in BC. Oh well, I guess that’s the way it goes. Besides PEI would be just too far to go for a cup of tea and a game :^)


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