We’ve accomplished something today.

Well, we’ve made it to Newfoundland. 10 provinces, 5 time changes, countless highway miles, gravel roads, bridges and a ferry and we’re finally here. We left North Sydney at 2:30 in the afternoon, and arrived at 8:30 in Port Au Basques. It’s dark here, but we can already tell that the terrain is VERY different. There are mountains of a decent height, water view vistas that usually weren’t available in the rest of the Atlantic provinces, and lots of trees. ALTHOUGH, none of the trees seem to be taller than 15 feet, and they look like Christmas trees planted by Alfred Hitchcock; no two of them point the same direction. It was too dark to take any pictures,  but hopefully we’ll have some tomorrow.

One of the brochures we’ve read says that the glaciers did no favours to Newfoundland. While other areas of North America were left with rich, thick topsoil and abundant growing areas, there isn’t 10 inches of topsoil anywhere on the Rock, and the topography reflects these harsh conditions. We’ve got lots to see, and we’re looking forward to it.

The ferry ride was very painless, the food on the ship was quite good, the seats very comfortable, and the staff (and there sure was a lot of them) much friendlier than those we’ve come to know and tolerate in BC. The boats seem to be staffed with all Newfies, and the accents reflect this. Mind you, they probably say the same about us.

Newfoundland 1 002

This is the Blue Puttees, the ferry we were on, and it is very modern and spacious. There’s much more room  in the restaurant than on a BC Ferry, and has much more comfortable tables and chairs. I know I’ve mentioned chairs twice, but they were that good!


One response to “We’ve accomplished something today.

  1. Welcome to “the Rock” Mr & Mrs. Williams. Sorry I wasn’t available for the welcoming committee. Although I’m sure you’ll find lots of folk to make you feel at home. What spots are you planning on seeing (hint…… Woody Point, Rocky Harbour in Gros Morne park)

    PS. Over the next few days you will most likely have a lot of people calling you “Love”. You’ll get used to it. For a beer choice try Quidi Vidi breweries.


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