Driving to Gros Morne

We stopped at an RV park not far from the ferry terminal for the night. It was dark when  we arrived, and Sylvia got out to do her regular directing as I backed into the site. As soon as I opened the window to see her better, I was attacked by mosquitos, and I couldn’t imagine what she was going through. After a liberal spray of repellent we got ourselves situated and bunked down for the night. This morning I poked my nose outside to button things up and didn’t see any bugs. All was well for about 5 minutes, and then the black flies found me. At one point I looked down at my shirt and counted more than 50 flies trying to have a feast. Sylvia came out to see what was up, and we both started on our well practiced ‘slap-happy’ dance. By the time we got in the truck and pulled away, we were starting to feel like we’d been feasted on. For about 40 minutes when we were driving we were still killing flies, several of which showed that they’d had a full meal of Williams type O before they met their demise.

The day was quite nice for our drive, and we made good time, but as we entered Gros Morne park, we drove into a fog bank. This cleared off for the evening, and we had a very nice walk around the pond which is next to the park. Tomorrow we head off to explore the area and the brochures we picked up look amazing.

This is the land just before Cornerbrook, the terrain is much less strange than around Port Aux Basques, and the trees, while not large at least grow straight.Newfoundland 1a 508

The mountain range in the south portion of this side of the province are called the Table Mountains. and most of them are as flat as a tabletop.

Newfoundland 1a 512

This is the pond at the RV site, and a tree which is very persistent. I don’t know how it managed to grow around a big boulder…very interesting.

Newfoundland 1a 519Newfoundland 1a 522


7 responses to “Driving to Gros Morne

  1. It will not stop the black flies (only a baseball bat will work on them) but mosquitoes, it will stop.


  2. I heard that Tea Tree oil works on black flies, but I’ve never personally tried it.


  3. We used it after the fact, does it work in keeping them away also? Or do I need to buy a baseball bat?


  4. The bat, definitely the bat… just be careful using it around Sylvia :^)


  5. She usually uses the bat on me….


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