Made it before the storm (what storm?)

We arrived in North Sydney, Nova Scotia at 6:00 this morning. This is the same port we left 2 weeks ago today on our travels to Newfoundland. The ferry ride was uneventful, which is not a bad thing when you’re spending 15 hours on a ship. We had a nice dinner on the MV Atlantic Vision, which is a European built ferry that the local ferry company has leased. It was smaller than the ferry we were on to head to Newfoundland, and very different in it’s layout, but the staff was just as friendly, and the food just as good if not better.

Newfoundland 8 210

As you can see it was a very nice day, probably the nicest we saw in all our time in Newfoundland. Ah well.

After arriving so early, we didn’t have to hustle too much to make it to Halifax as it was only about 400 km. That left us time to stop in a school parking lot to make some breakfast in North Sydney, as well as making a snack stop in Antigonish. I actually managed to get Sylvia to darken the door of a McDonalds, though she really wasn’t happy with the muffin she ordered (it was suppose to be heated, and it wasn’t). Oh well, at least the coffee was good and hot.  Sylvia thinks McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Subway and the like are trying to ‘assimilate human kind into their deceitful diet plans –  resistance is futile’, but she is strongly resisting anyway.

While we were in Antigonish, we were walking around the campus of St. Francis Xavier university. They must have very good sports programs, as on one side of the parking lot we watched the football team go through drills while on the other side there were several young men heading into the arena with their hockey gear. Hmmm, hockey in August. That can’t be a bad thing can it?

We arrived in Halifax by 1:00 and set up between downpours, and a bit of wind. It wasn’t too bad though, and the winds have been coming and going all afternoon and evening. So far, Irene isn’t nearly as windy as what we experienced in St John’s, although we’re going to bring in the slide outs tonight to be on the safe side. It’s very muggy here, more so than we’ve experienced since we were in Quebec City, and that’s expected to be the same for tomorrow. It’s 23 degrees today, but feels like 32 according to the weather network. That must be due to Irene.

Tomorrow we try and figure out what to do first, but Lunenburg and Peggys Cove are on the short list.

Newfoundland 8 208Newfoundland 8 209


One response to “Made it before the storm (what storm?)

  1. Hi Sylvia & Rod,
    I hope you are in a safe place so Irene won’t bother you to much.
    I have really enjoyed all the pictures and history from the maritimes, almost felt like I have been there myself. Great stuff!


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