We left Nova Scotia behind.

We had a fairly short travel day today, and left Sackville NS fairly early. On our way to Moncton New Brunswick we made a short detour through Springhill NS. For those of you who don’t know, it is the birthplace of that famous Canadian, Norma Bomske. Oh, and there’s some other person they celebrate even to the point of having the local community Rec Centre named after her….Anne Murray.

We stopped for a while at the Anne Murray Centre which has been built to hold all of Anne’s memorabilia and awards. She sure has won a lot of Grammys, Junos, CMA awards and gold and platinum records, and so on, and so on. We really enjoyed our time in the centre. Springhill itself really looks like it’s seen better days, it is a mining town with no mines left, and so Anne proposed building the centre as an economic boost for the area. It’s been open since 1989, and from the looks of the names in the guest book, it does a roaring business.

We arrived in Moncton in the early afternoon, and will be heading to the Bay of Fundy and the surrounding area tomorrow.


2 responses to “We left Nova Scotia behind.

  1. Is Springhill as small as I remember it? Not too much to the place if I remember correctly. They have quite the history of disasters, fires and such and they haven’t recovered much. Oh well, I do remember the country side being quite beautiful and the low lying blueberry bushes were fun to ‘scoop’.


  2. It’s pretty small, and really looks like it has a depressed economy. Mind you most of rural Nova Scotia looks like it’s suffering unless the town has a University in place, and there are lots of those.


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