The Bay of Fundy Day 2

Due to the times of the tides we decided to return to the Fundy shore today but get there early as low tide was around 11:00 and we wanted to see what the shore looked like. Our first stop was Hopewell Rocks, and we weren’t disappointed. The scenery is spectacular, spooky and crowded. We traipsed around for a couple of hours among the mud, rocks and seaweed along with a couple of hundred other people trying to get pictures with out people in them. All in all we made 3 trips back to the various points in the park over the course of the day to get before and after pictures.

The rocks are almost a km from the parking lot, and the trail is quite steep in places. At the end of the trail there are about 100 steps to get down to the beach, and while we didn’t have any trouble, there were some people who were labouring getting back up the stairs. The ground is quite sloppy down on the ocean floor, and we saw all manner of footgear, from rubber boots to bare feet to motorcycle boots traipsing through the mud. There were some little kids who didn’t do too well in the footing department and ended up covered, and I do mean covered in red mud.


After an hour or so of oohs and ahhs we went back up to the truck and had lunch. Then we went back into the park to visit some of the viewpoints. We drove away for a while to see other sites, and came back about 4 hours later to revisit all of our lookouts,  so here are the before and after pictures.


The last two days have been spectacular. As usual we’ve found we don’t have enough time to see all we want to see, so we’ve booked another night here in Moncton and will be moving on to St John on Monday.


One response to “The Bay of Fundy Day 2

  1. What incredibly beautiful pictures. I have to admit that I recognize some of the photos of places my parents have visited. You had said that the tide moves pretty fast in the Bay of Fundy. You are very correct… the locals often tell of times when they couldn’t out run it :^)


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