It was supposed to be a quiet day…

We decided to spend an extra day in Moncton to rest up for our next jaunt, but as the weather was very nice (27 degrees and sunny) we thought it might be nice to get a few things done. In the late morning I took off for a car wash to clean up the truck as it was showing the grime from the past several weeks of bugs and mud (it’s nice to have a truck as I’ve driven a few places that a car would not go, and the truck probably shouldn’t have either) oh well. I found a car wash close by, but it was quite expensive and I didn’t get it very clean for $12. I decided to pick up some waterless car wash from Canadian Tire to assist the process, and it really worked great on the bugs plastered to the grille and the grey film of dirt that still graced my truck after it had been washed. When I got back to the RV park, Sylvia worked on the inside of the cab and the windows, while I washed the truck again, and by the time our ‘quiet’ morning was done it was almost 1:00.
Then I made the mistake of letting Sylvia see the inside of my hiking boots. In fact she pulled my socks out from inside them and proceeded to scatter foam pieces all over the floor of her freshly vacuumed pickup. Needless to say, she was not happy, I was not popular, and we were off to buy new boots. It figures we’d pick the busiest shopping day of the summer to head to the malls, but that just shows how dense we really are. By the time we were done, I had new hiking boots, new socks, 3 new pairs of hiking shorts, 2 new pairs of shoes, and a worn out credit card. Sylvia on the other hand had nothing new. She really doesn’t like shopping, but for some reason likes shopping for me.
In our travels around Moncton and Dieppe, we saw a few beautiful old brick churches being restored, and quite a few heritage houses in great shape. This is a pretty town, but is certainly busy on a Sunday afternoon. Too busy for our tastes.
We’re off to St. John, NB tomorrow for a few days, and then probably into the Excited States as we head further West.


3 responses to “It was supposed to be a quiet day…

  1. Hey there travelers. I thought all days in the retirement world were quiet. I must have mis-read all the glossy brochures. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try it out and see if it works for me. I guess when you go south of the border, the gas prices will be a little better.



  2. Ah Stedman, I wish it was so…How many more sleeps left?


    • By last calculation, 8 more work related sleeps. Although I’m not sure if, I can in all honesty, call the 2 days after the Pub get-together on the 14th “Work Days”. But, eh, I have had a pretty good 30 year record.


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