On to Saint John….remember no s

We left Moncton this morning in the midst of a humid, muggy, cloudy morning. The past 2 days had been increasingly muggy as a weather front had been moving down from Quebec, and it really reminded us of when we were in Quebec City and how we felt we needed a shower every couple of hours. As I looked the direction we were to travel I thought we’d be heading into some rain, as it was pretty bleak looking to the Southwest. About 30 minutes after we left though I was scrambling to put on my sunglasses as it had brightened up quite a bit. From then on however, we were swapping back and forth between shades and regular glasses about every 2o minutes. It never did rain, but it never did get sunny either.

Since St John was not that far away, we decided to take the scenic route and head to the water to follow the Fundy Trail Parkway. Unfortunately by the time we arrived in  St Martins they could have called it the Foggy Trail Parkway. We didn’t get a chance to see much of anything, but maybe we’ll get a chance to return tomorrow to see what we missed.

We toured the downtown a bit in the afternoon, and the skyline was dominated by the cruise ship ‘Explorer of the Seas’ which I believe is taller than any building in the entire downtown. It was just leaving as we drove into downtown, and the girl in the Tourist Info booth told us that was the signal for everything in the downtown to close now that the tourists were leaving.

We did get a chance to drive to the Reversing Falls on the St John river which needs to be seen a couple of times a day so you can record the flow in each direction. Due to the fact that you do have to be there several hours apart (or sit there for 6+ hours) and the location of the viewing platform giving you a real nice view of the local Pulp Mill this has been called one of the worst tourist attractions in the world. It might not be action packed or in a terribly scenic location, but it is impressive to see the large whirlpools caused by the water flow. We’ll return tomorrow to see how it looks going the other way.

St John NB 1 175St John NB 1 177St John NB 1 176


3 responses to “On to Saint John….remember no s

  1. David Charles Smith

    keep up the hiking n u will need another new pair of boots to finish the last leg of your trip –no pun


  2. But it’s good fer me. At least that’s what she says……


  3. Those pictures remind me of the Ripple Rock Trail. From the top of the bluff it looks very similar.


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