I’ll try

As Sylvia so delicately put it yesterday, I’m the human snot machine these days, and I’ll try and keep the keyboard clean.

Not much happened this morning, as I couldn’t muster up the energy to go anywhere or do anything other than read. At least it gave me the chance to finish my book which had been going pretty slow as we really have not had much time to sit down and read.

In the mid afternoon we figured we’d try and see a few things and took off for Hyde Hall, a local National Heritage site. This is a unusually large building for it’s time (built from 1817-1834)  that was constructed by an English man who claimed the land as belonging to his great grandfather before the American Revolution. After several years in court he proved his claim and proceeded to build the largest mansion in the United States.

The building has been preserved and opened for tours, but these only run sporadically during the day and when we arrived we would have had to wait quite a while for the tour to start so we passed on the chance. 

New York 2 001New York 2 005

We were watched by several of the locals though. This mom and her large family were especially curious. They also outnumbered all the 2 legged locals in the entire park.

New York 2 006

From there we drove on to Cherry Valley which is home to the Victorian Limestone B&B, but not much else. There are several small towns in this area, each one of them full of old buildings, some in pristine condition, and some ready to fall down. The whole area looks pretty run down, but the scenery surrounding the towns is very pretty. You can tell that these towns are struggling with a poor economy but trying to survive with tourism. It seems that each of these towns has some kind of historical significance that they try to showcase to tourists.

New York 2 008

On our way back to the RV we passed by Lake Canadarago which is only one of the spots where we saw flooding. This shot shows only some of the devastation in the area, but the lake is surrounded by cottages and trailers, many of which are under water.

New York 2 009

And, just to prove we are in Amish country, we came upon this family heading along the road in front of our RV park. Just out for a leisurely afternoon drive.

New York 2 014

We’re off and running again tomorrow, but we don’t know where to yet. It all depends on how good the driver feels I think.


One response to “I’ll try

  1. May God Almighty in His mercy and grace heal the driver. Amen.


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