A change of plans

When we went to bed last night we didn’t know what to expect from the weather this morning. Two days ago it registered 31 degrees on the truck’s thermometer. Yesterday it was sunny and warm in the morning, but by late afternoon it cooled off substantially and started to rain. This morning it was 8. Despite the cold, it was bright and sunny so we made the decision to stay another day in North Bend and see the sights.

There were a couple of places we wanted to see, and the first was the RV/MH Hall of Fame. This is an industry sponsored museum spotlighting the history of RVing in the US, as well as a wall of honour to the various people involved in the manufacturing of RV’s over the years. They have a couple of new RV’s on display, and a showcase of RV’s from recent days all the way back to covered wagons.

Several of the examples shown were home built prototypes of units that were eventually produced commercially. Some were pretty rough, but some were very professional, though eclectic looking.

Indiana 1 646Indiana 1 648

This was the first RV with Slide outs. Drawers pulled out on one side, and the cooking utensils pulled out on the other. That left a coffin like space for sleeping in between.

Indiana 1 634Indiana 1 635

Our next stop was at an Amish Village which contained a restaurant where we wanted to try some Amish cuisine. It turned out that wasn’t going to happen as the Amish diet is not all that healthy. Imagine a roast beef bunwich served in a soup bowl and drowned in gravy, or a large bowl of noodles topped by mashed potatoes, shaved meat and again smothered in gravy. We could feel our arteries hardening, and so Sylvia settled for the fruit plate. At least I had a burger to start the hardening process a bit.  We also stopped by their bakery and purchased some nice bread and dinner buns.

From there we drove to the Studebaker National Museum. I’ve always thought that Studebaker built some of the prettiest cars ever, as well as some of the strangest looking ones.

Indiana 1 715Indiana 1 714

They have 3 floors of displays from 1850’s wagons to the  1963 Avanti II which was being built until 2000. They have several buggies built for various presidents, including the one Lincoln was in the night he was taken to Ford’s Theater where he was assassinated.

Indiana 1 673Indiana 1 701

They started building cars in 1902 even though the owner thought they were a passing craze. The Studebaker corporation was quite successful for many years, although they went bankrupt twice, once during the depression in 1933 and the second time during the 1960’s when Ford and Chevrolet started producing more economical models.

Indiana 1 666Indiana 1 683Indiana 1 686Indiana 1 700

They also had a number of displays of their military vehicles from the carts and buggies produced for the North in the Civil War to the Weasel produced for WWII.

Indiana 1 717

We also learned that they produced the engines for the B-17 airplane and that the military HumVees in use today are still produced in the nearby Studebaker Truck assembly plant. The first production Hummers were also produced in this plant.

All in all we had a great day and thought these sights were worth seeing.  T0morrow we’ll head to Michigan….


One response to “A change of plans

  1. That first RV looked wonderful. Too bad they don’t build things like that today. Although… the ‘coffin’ bed could be altered a bit as I’m sure there is no way that David would be able to fit in there.


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