A long day today

Since we’d spent  a couple of days not getting too far (but accomplishing a lot) we decided to put some mileage in today. We left South Bend, Indiana this morning in 8 degree temperatures, and it didn’t get much warmer all morning. Our route was up Route 31 and we were hoping it would give us some glimpses of Lake Michigan, but that was not the case. We were either too far from the water, or had our view blocked by trees all morning.

As this route seemed to mimic most of the Interstates we’d been on, we started to search the map for an alternate route, and settled on Route 37. This highway  travels inland for a while, but went right through the Manistee National Forest which we hoped would be a more interesting trip, and it was. The scenery was great, and we travelled through a number of small towns, and only had one extended detour around a bridge repair.

Route 37 went north until it connected with Route 31 again at Traverse City right on Lake Michigan. From then on we were on the water all the way and travelled through the pretty towns of Charlevoix and Petoskey which seems to be where the well to do spend their holiday time. There were several large private golf and equestrian clubs in the area, and a few  Motor Coach only RV parks. I’d never really seen one of these parks before, but I gather they’re more common in Florida and California.

After almost 600 km we finally made it to a KOA in Mackinaw City in time for a late dinner. We will be planted here for a couple of nights. If we recover tomorrow we’ll see what is special in this area. We are really not too far from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, but when we leave we’re heading west through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and probably heading south into Wisconsin for a while.


3 responses to “A long day today

  1. It looks like you are going to miss Chicago! Chicago Blues and Buddy Guy’s Legends Club! Worth a trip all by itself! maybe next time.


  2. Aah… Wisconsin. I know it well. Ok, maybe not, but as you know, David is from there. Where abouts will you folks be traveling? Do you think you would go near the north woods? We have some interesting friends who live in the back woods of Wisconsin in Eagle River. If you plan on going around there email me and I’ll give you their number and you could say hi to them. They are very gracious and would give you a nice meal… all from their land. But like I said… they are from the back woods.


  3. Croft: Nope, no Chicago this trip. We decided to steer clear of the big cities, but maybe next time. I am a blues fan after all.
    Norma: Thanks for the info. The plan is to head along the lake towards Green Bay for a bit. If things change we’ll let you know.


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