We’re in Cloquet Minnesota

We awoke to a fairly nice morning, and it’s been a bit warmer the last 2 days. When we drove away, the temperature was 15, which is a whole lot warmer than the 8 we had for several days last week. We started our day right next to Lake Superior, and stayed close to the lake most of the day. We even took a side trip to Bayfield county in Wisconsin to keep us closer to the lake, and got some great views of the Apostle Islands.

We stopped for lunch in Cornucopia Wisconsin right on Lake Superior and it was warm and sunny for our last day on the Great Lakes. We got the chance to go down to the beach for a bit of a walk, and it was quite pleasant.

Minnesota 1 001

One of the reasons we decided to stop in Duluth, is that we needed a city with a decent tire shop. The front tires on the truck had started to ‘cup’ and were becoming quite squirmy when driving and the rear ones weren’t much better. The tires don’t have a lot of mileage (about 36000 km) on them compared to my last set which went over 60000 km.  What with the trip to Arizona last January and now a great trip across Canada and back, the tires have just worn out.  They’ve been on a lot of highways and rough roads. I decided to bite the bullet and put rather expensive tires on this time, specifically for highway driving, and see if they hold up better than what I used previously (not that they were exactly cheap either).  The new Michelins are very quiet so far, and it will be interesting to see how different they are when hauling the trailer.

We’re planted here for another day, Cloquet is just west of Duluth, and then we’re heading west in a hurry to try and make it to Saskatchewan for Friday as we have some business and visiting to do there before we head off to visit family in Calgary.


3 responses to “We’re in Cloquet Minnesota

  1. Wow dude (can I call my dad dude??? I donno… anyway) 5th wheeling seems to have a lot of expenses! It seems like it has been a while since we have talked. Let me know if you ever have half decent internet in that 3rd world you are staying in so we can skype.


    • I’ve been called kid, dude, old fart and any number of things, so whatever works.
      We’ll be in contact soon. We’re back in God’s Country by the end of the week, so Skype should be working better then. I’ll check tonight to see if my internet here is better though.


  2. The great lakes truly are a sight aren’t they… The first time I saw them I was amazed at how truly ‘great’ they are. When you can look out over a body of water and you know it is not the grand ocean, and you see no end, that is a very great lake.


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