On to Moose Jaw

We had a couple of wonderful days in Estevan visiting with relatives. Unfortunately we missed a couple in the area, but maybe next time. My Uncle Wayne had a stroke 8 years ago, and cannot speak very much, but he recognized us right away when we walked down the hall in the hospital, and we spent almost 3 hours talking with him, my aunt Elaine and a few of the other residents. We had a great time, and I think they really enjoyed the visit, and hearing about our adventures going across the country. One thing they both mentioned is that we should be sure to travel while we can, as you never know what will happen to impact your plans.
Wayne’s sister, my aunt Yvonne, also lives in the same place, and we stopped to visit her for a few minutes as well. We also got a chance to visit with Yvonne’s sons Dwight and Marius and their families and swap stories about our various travel which was great.
We were treated to dinner by Wayne’s son Garth and met one of his daughters which was a treat. Next time he’ll have to let me pay though as we were the ones who invited them for dinner!
The spring floods in southern Saskatchewan are still causing grief in the area. Dwight is a farmer, and he was only able to seed 80 acres of his very large farm, and that all turned into weeds, so he has absolutely no crops this year. He also showed us quite a few pictures he took while flying over the area and you wouldn’t believe how much water and how little land you could see in the pictures. Marius and his son work at the local coal mine, and they were telling us how all the water impacted the transportation of the coal to the local generating stations.
On the drive to Moose Jaw we passed a couple of spots where the road and nearby train tracks had been washed out, and only recently repaired. We also saw a lot of farmland that doesn’t look like it grew a crop this year.
We’re here in Moose Jaw for a couple of days, and then heading on towards Calgary.

If any of my relatives make a comment on this post I’d appreciate it, as you’ll have to list your email address, and we’d appreciate the chance to correspond with you.


3 responses to “On to Moose Jaw

  1. Hi there – 3 wks ago you were in Halifax. We then went for a trip to Alaska (great Cruise & road trip). Doing a lot of catch up on your blog today and find you’ve toured the States and back in Canada already, heading to Calgary. Wow! you’ve covered a lot of grd while we were away. Can’t believe that you’re almost home (after a few family visits ….). What an adventure for you two. Can’t wait to talk about your travels and the things “not to miss” for those who follow in you tire tracks in the future….:-)

    Waiting for our turn …. Brian & Kathy


  2. I am sorry to hear that the flooding has affected your relatives. I do hope that all will settle and go well for them in the future.


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