We’ve spent the last few days enjoying the landscape and surroundings of Penticton. We’ve always had a real longing to spend time in the Okanagan, and have really enjoyed driving around the lakes and territory which surrounds Penticton. The Naramata bench is home to an ever increasing number of wineries and orchards, and happens to be the location of one of our favourite restaurants (at the Hillside Winery). We found the time to stop there to belatedly celebrate our anniversary and really enjoyed our dinner.
We attended a local church this morning to join in with their Thanksgiving celebration and spent the rest of the day preparing for our last few days on the road. I can now guarantee that it will rain tomorrow, as the truck is all clean and shiny again, and ready for the trip home.
We’re spending a few days in the Lower Mainland visiting with Sylvia’s parents, and should be heading back to the Island by mid-week. We’ve just passed 4 months on the road, and have travelled 28000 km so far, with only a few hundred left to add to the total. We’ve found that we’ve really enjoyed ourselves, and have seen some amazing things but it’s time for us to head home for a while (but probably not tooooo long). We do enjoy the travel and sightseeing, but the pace we’ve had to keep to see everything we wanted to has been exhausting at times. Canada is a great country, with an uncountable number of things to see and do, and it sure is big. We didn’t really have time to do it all justice, and I think it will take us a few years to build up the energy required to do a trip like this again.
I think that any travel we do this winter will be less hectic, and include much more hiking and hopefully poolside lounging. Although the way things have gone for us, not having any sort of agenda for our travels, you can never tell what we’ll end up doing until we actually do it! It’s been an amazing journey.


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  1. It’s mid week>>>>>>>>> :^)


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