We made it home!

Gaspe 3 008

Well, after 28600 km, 10 new tires, 5700 litres of diesel fuel, one day in the trailer alignment shop, an untold number of museums and historical sites and several thousand ‘Wow’ moments we have made it home. On Mapquest our travels in a more or less direct route would have totalled about 17300 km and it’s not hard to believe that we travelled some 11000 km just doing our sightseeing (not to mention various side trips chasing our tail after listening to the the annoying little lady who inhabits our GPS).

The pictures and commentary have slowed down a bit over the past month as we made our way across the continent, mainly because we didn’t do very much sightseeing on our return trip. As well, we’ve found ourselves to be quite worn out and lacking the energy to do much more than point the truck towards home. Most of the time we spent in Canada on our return trip was spent visiting with family and revisiting spots we’d seen on our eastbound trek. Even with the reduced activity level we have had our fill of travelling for a while, and according to Sylvia we’re not leaving the house for several months. (we’ll see, I’m already looking at warm places to spend the winter!)

The prettiest place we saw in our travels has to be PEI, and along with the rest of the Maritimes we’d really like to spend some more time there in the future.  If we could only figure out how to transport the 5th Wheel to the Quebec border without driving it there we’d be thrilled. The second prettiest sight might have been this afternoon, and our first glimpse of Georgia Straight and Vancouver Island from West Vancouver. The most interesting sight we saw was the icebergs near St Anthony Newfoundland. There are not enough words or pictures available to describe how amazing those days were. The best hidden gem of the trip was probably the Studebaker Museum in North Bend Indiana. It was full of very special vehicles.

Old Town Montreal was packed with people, but full of amazing buildings, sights and yes, people. The buskers and wedding parties spread over the area provide non-stop entertainment. Music on PEI seems to be everywhere, and the 3 shows we saw were first rate entertainment. We only wish we’d had time to see more.

This trip gave us the chance to visit with friends and family that we hadn’t seen for some time, and in the case of Ed and Cathy in Bathurst, this was our first visit in 28 years. We couldn’t get over how much fun we had with them, and how the years didn’t seem to make a dent in our relationship. We know that we’ll be back to see them and all the rest of the people we saw this trip before the next 28 years pass. Everyone we visited made our trip that much more special.

All in all we had a wonderful time, but I don’t think we’ll be attempting such a gruelling pace anytime soon. We hope you have enjoyed the chance to travel with us, and that you will get your own chance to see what we have and more, in the near future. Also thank you for all your comments. We have really felt you were with us as we read them.

We’re going to be quite quiet over the next couple of months as we recover from this trip, but we’ll let you know when we leave again!

Halifax 2 045


7 responses to “We made it home!

  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed yourselves and were able to take that opportunity to sight see and enjoy God’s creation…. But on a selfish note… I sure am glad your home…


  2. Welcome Home!! We arrived in Yuma on Tuesday.. and enjoying 100 degrees..!
    Thank you for sharing your adventure…. It has been put on OUR bucket list..we really enjoyed following you.. your postings and pictures.. You have done all the work for us, we now know what route to follow!!!
    Sure the house must seem HUGE!
    Luce & Dave


    • Thanks for mentioning the 100 degrees, it’s about 4 outside here this morning! And yes the house is huge, Sylvia is used to knowing exactly where I am at all times, and she lost me once already today!


  3. Thanks for the tour Rod and Sylvia, we were with you all the way!

    You better get that rig turned around quick as it is going to be the coldest winter in 20 years here in Beautiful BC! Arizona calls. No lazing about now!


  4. Chris and Peg Whittaker John and Pat Walker

    Hello Rod and Sylvia, thank you so much for your blog, we have really enjoyed following your travels. I’m sure it’s good to be home again, though, after a long and busy time.
    We are in Nashville, Tennesee, have been seeing so many sights, more time would be great but we are catching the highlights. The fall colors have been amazing, especially in the Adirondacks, Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.
    I noticed on Les’ blog that he is a little behind us, we didn’t go to the big cities but have seen many of the rural sights that he has visited.
    Today we are going to see a few couples that we met at Hershey, they live in Lebanon, just east of Nashville. We will park in their yard for a couple of nights, then on to Memphis and New Orleans.
    Please be sure to let us know when you are writing again.
    If you would like to see the emails that I am sending to friends, let me know and I will add you to the list.
    Thanks again, maybe we will meet up again some time…. Chris and Peg


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