-With a very liberal serving of Candy and Christmas cookies!

Well, the adult portion of Christmas is over for us for now. In my twisted corner of the world, this is an event which includes few (actually zero) presents but plenty of eating. Over the 4 days we were in the Lower Mainland we consumed our protein and calorie allotment for probably the next 3 weeks. Not that we didn’t enjoy the opportunity to fill ourselves up with homemade goodies and fabulous meals, but it really did cause Sylvia’s role as the Food Patrol Drill Sergeant to be ignored for too long. When we arrived home today we were tired and not really looking forward to a busy day of packing the trailer, but as we have no packing Elves available we’ll have to get it done ourselves tomorrow.

We’re heading off to Calgary on Thursday to commence the kiddy portion of Christmas, and it should be fun opening presents with our Grandkids…….pictures will surely be included.

Once we got settled in at home today we started to plan our meals for the next couple of days. We racked our little brains trying to figure out what would be the furthest thing from Turkey or Ham that we could prepare. Since we didn’t have any Tofu on hand, Curried Chicken will have to do.

We hope you all had a great Christmas, and are looking forward to a fun and prosperous New Year.


3 responses to “Ham–Turkey–Ham–Turkey

  1. Like you, I have always loved turkey and all the trimmings that usually go with it. I have gained a permanent turkey blister that resides just below where my chest used to be. A friend described it as “funiture desease.” In other words, my chest has slipped into my drawers! Happy New Year to you both and have fun on the trip. I’ll be watching for your blog.

    Stay safe,


  2. Sylvia must be a distant relation to Bob Stewart’s wife, Audrey, whom he calls “The Food Nazi”! He says he can only order what he wants when they are in a crowd and she is too embarrassed to yell at him.


  3. Thanks Cliff. Happy New Year to you and Connie. And Croft, that’s precisely what I call Sylvia, but I do try and tone it down for public consumption 🙂


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