On to Oregon

We managed to slog through 40 days and 40 nights of rainfall in the course of 500 km of driving on I-5 today, and ended up in Albany Oregon at another KOA. At one point I considered heading down Hwy 101 for old times sake (we took that route last year) just so we could NOT see the sights we didn’t see last year either! Sylvia bought me back to my senses with a sharp smack upside the head.

We’re looking forward to a nice quiet night, if you don’t count the rain pelting down on the roof, and should be on the road early tomorrow and will be stopping somewhere in California.


2 responses to “On to Oregon

  1. Wow!!! 40 days and 40 nights, you folks must have hit a time warp or something… It was sunny here today, I hope the same was for you. xox Norma


  2. Nice Day today, it even made up for yesterday! Did I mention that it was 18° and Sunny?


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