A very nice day in Paradise.

We’ve talked to a few of our neighbours here in the park, and we’ve overheard others speaking about how it’s cooled off lately, but it was 20° and sunny here today. We couldn’t ask for a nicer first day.

The projects today included setting up the Shaw satellite dish (I know, it’s Shaw, but it’s really hard to bring along our Telus IPTV from home). Sitting up on the roof in the sunshine made a frustrating task much easier to take. It took about an hour to set up the dish, as I’m still getting the hang of it, and the internet Apps I used didn’t seem to help much. I ended up just searching the sky for the signal and finally managed to get it locked in. The dish will give us a chance to watch BC news and hockey, and right now we’re watching the Canucks play Florida. I think last year we didn’t see any hockey other than the highlights I managed to download on the internet.

We’ve set up the PVR to record all of our favourite news and entertainment, so we should be all set. 

We also managed to get stocked up from the various grocery stores we like to shop at, and later in the week we’ll attend the local markets for specialty items like multi-grain bread (I think you need to be a hippie down here to eat anything other than white bread).

We didn’t get a hike in yet, as the day got away from us, but I’ll get some pictures of Silly Mountain in the next couple of days (and no I don’t know why they call it that. Maybe you just have to be silly to climb it).


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