Surfing…yes! Dancing….no?

We decided to spring for Cable Internet while we’re here in Gold Canyon. The Wifi here is actually fairly decent, but we want to be able to Skype with our family and having a hardwired connection should give us better service. We’ll let you know how well it works.

One of the events that is scheduled at the park is Happy Hour on Monday and Thursday afternoons. They bring in live musical entertainment so we thought we’d wander down and see how it was. The duo performing today was pretty good, doing mostly 70’s tunes as well as a few Beatles classics. The most interesting part for Sylvia was watching up to a dozen people line-dance to the various songs. For years she has been trying to find a way to get me on the dance floor, and so far I’ve been able to dodge her. From the looks of it I’m not the only one who’s dodging their wives, as of the dozen people dancing, 11 were women. During a break she went up to some of the ladies and inquired on when and how she could learn to do this. I foresee that I might have a few hours to myself on the days of the lessons. Sylvia may finally have found a way to get on the dance floor without me…whew!


3 responses to “Surfing…yes! Dancing….no?

  1. Rod it is a lot more fun if you both learn to dance. You might even decide you like it. Have fun.
    Love, Mom


  2. Sorry Rod, but I have to agree with the previous comment. Besides, despite your misgivings, you will most likely have fun and that’s the point. You will never know unless you try. Hope for the best.


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