There’s sure lots to do here.

We determined that this year we’d try and integrate ourselves more into the day by day activities at the RV park. We haven’t really tried hard to get involved in anything yet, but we’re finding our calendar filling up more and more each day.

Just in the few days we’ve been venturing out we’ve set up massage appointments, listened to live music, attended a line-dancing lesson (no, Rod didn’t go), made arrangements to play softball, inquired about the hiking club (they’re a little too adventurous for us at this time, as I don’t think we’re up to a 12 mile hike just yet), bought gear to play pickleball (a sort of lighter version of tennis using a whiffle ball and a large table tennis paddle), bought tickets for a concert and made arrangements to see the Canucks play the Coyotes in late February. And on top of all this we have had numerous chats with our neighbours and other people from BC/Canada that we scout out during our walks.

If you wanted to, I think you might never have to leave the park other than having to go to the grocery store, and from the looks of it that’s exactly how some people live down here. We’re staying in this area because there is so much to do in the vicinity, so we won’t be getting ourselves totally submerged in the park activities, but it’s interesting to see how busy we could be here. There is a real friendly atmosphere here, and it’s making it easy to join in with everyone else.


5 responses to “There’s sure lots to do here.

  1. Connie Brougham

    Ah, come on Rod. Be a good support and support Sylvia in her Line Dancing classes. You’d look sooooo cute with all the other ladies!!! LOL
    (Glad you’re both enjoying it so much down there. It has just started to snow here!)


    • Support, yes. Attend, No.
      Man, I can’t believe the flack I’m getting over this! Aren’t there any guys out there to defend me?
      Do I sound defensive? 🙂


      • I will defend you Dad. I don’t dance either. I’ve broke my record by far. 9000kms in 14 days. I’ve only been home three nights since you left. That’s a lot of driving. You should trade dancing for fishing and Mom has Rio bait her own hook. Good trade I think. Have fun


  2. Hi Rod & Sylvia,
    I guess you guys left here just at the right time. It’s getting cold outside,My little “lake view” has been frozen for a few days now. And we are supposed to get snow this weekend and maybe beyond. Enjoy the sun while I freeze.
    Love, Mom


  3. Have fun Sylvia, who needs a guy to step all over your feet any way as you are ‘lining around’. I’ve asked David for 22 years to go square dancing with me. I’m still getting a no, but I’m sure that in another 20 he’ll be so senile that he’ll say yes and not really know what he’s getting himself into. :^) Norma


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