Baseball practice or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

This morning there was a pickup game scheduled for 10:00 that turned out to be mostly a practice session for the various teams here in the park. I’ve been making inquiries about playing on one of the teams but they are pretty well stocked with players, so I left it with one of the team captains whether or not they could use my limited skills. It became apparent quite early in the practice that I was probably the fastest guy on the field, and if any of you have seen me run, that really doesn’t say much for the rest of them! After leaving small bits of skin on the field after tripping over 1st base running out a grounder I think I won the captain of one of the teams over, and he asked me to show up for the practice on Monday, and it looks like I’m replacing their second baseman on Tuesday’s game. The reason I’m replacing him, is that he was cut for 28 stitches by a ball that was thrown to him in the last game. I really don’t know how you do that, but I’ll try hard not to emulate his achievements.

In the afternoon we went to the Mesa MarketPlace, which is a flea market on steroids. We wandered all over the 55 acre site, and managed to buy 2 loaves of bread. We couldn’t believe how many stalls of useless stuff were on sale, and as we weren’t interested in picking up any of the various nuts and candies that seemed to be in every second stall we left with a fairly empty shopping bag.

Tomorrow we’re tentatively meeting up with  2 couples from Duncan who we met in PEI, and will be comparing travel notes. They followed us onto Newfoundland, and after leaving the Rock went south for the winter while we made tracks for home. Since then we have been keeping in touch via emails. It will be great to see them.


One response to “Baseball practice or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

  1. I went to a flea market in Texas one time that sounded very much like what you have described. Except, mine didn’t even have good bread to buy. I guess you lucked out. Norma


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