Sylvia’s favourite stores

After spending the morning hiking up and down Silly Mountain again, we stopped back at the trailer for lunch and then took off to visit some of Sylvia’s favourite stores.

First we stopped at Camping World to pick up some things we needed for maintenance items in the trailer. This included a 5 foot stepladder which folds down to a 3” x 3” x 5’ rectangle and is easily packed away in our storage bins. We needed this as the windows in the trailer aren’t quite up to Sylvia’s normal standards after the cleaning session last week. It seems that I have a job tomorrow!

Next stop was at the Bass Pro Shop as Sylvia was in the market for a new hat to use when we’re on our hikes. Last year when we were here she found a wide brimmed hat made out of parachute fabric and she’s been kicking herself ever since for not buying it then. We found the same hats again, but the only colour they had in stock was a nasty green colour, which Sylvia was not willing to pay full price for, so we’re still shopping. I did manage to find a nice pair of canvas pants for myself on sale for $15, reduced from their original $45.

Next stop was at Sprouts, a health food/grocery store chain here in Arizona. We walked in and picked up a basket as we didn’t have much to buy, and ended up needing a buggy. My arms were just about pulled out of their sockets  by the time we finished filling the basket, and when we got back to the RV we had some trouble fitting it all in the fridge.

And here I’ll bet you figured we were going clothes shopping. Sylvia is such a cheap date.


One response to “Sylvia’s favourite stores

  1. Ah Bass Pro, This is truly one of David’s favourite stores. I’m glad that you were able to find some deals, hopefully Sylvia will be able to find a hat soon. A girls just gotta have a nice sun hat :^) Norma


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