Inquiring minds…

I’ve been asked a couple of times about the lot we’re staying on here in Canyon Vistas. It is far and away the largest site we’ve ever stayed in while in an RV park. There have been some drive through RV camping sites where we stayed that probably were larger, but they were longer to accommodate Big Rig RV’s and were certainly not wider than the site we’re in.


I paced off the site today, and I think the site is about 34’ x 44 feet. We have lots of room on both sides of the RV, and will be able to have a few vehicles park on our site if we ever have a party!


As you can see there’s lots of room on both sides of the trailer, and we’re not crowded by our neighbours at all.

This afternoon we went down to the pickle ball courts to bang a ball around and when we were there a couple came up to use the court next to us. I had seen this fella before during one of our walks, and figured I recognized him. It turns out he is a retired electrician who used to work at the Elk Falls pulp mill and I met him a few times when I did phone work there in the distant past. They live in Cambridge Estates which is just around the corner from our home in Campbell River. It is a small world some days.


2 responses to “Inquiring minds…

  1. Your sky looks awfully familiar but I just can’t place that sort of colour right now. We are in the middle of a screamin’ sou’easter and the sky is no where near blue. I would rather call it different shades of grey to black :^)
    Your site looks really roomy, but like I said, it was the BLUE that caught my eyes. xox Norma


  2. I like blue better too 🙂
    It just may be the reason we’re here!


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