She’s been waiting for a WOW day


Today we took off early this morning to head to Tempe and see the sights. We spent some time there last year touring the Mill Ave. market, and were interested in seeing some of the area when it wasn’t so crowded. Tempe is home to the Arizona State University, and so the area around the campus is filled with several bars and restaurants catering to the younger crowd which is a bit of a change from what we’ve seen in Mesa. There were no chain restaurants on the strip, and not all of them served ‘soft’ food only. Smile

At the north end of town there is the Tempe Town Lake, which is actually a dammed off portion of the Salt River which is bone dry in most areas. The lake is a nice area, with a long walking path on both sides of the lake so we decided to see how far it went. It wasn’t too warm when we got to the lake, but as you can see I portrayed a true Canadian, and wore my shorts.


Sylvia on the other hand even wore her hoodie today, though she did manage to ditch it after lunch.


There were lots of birds in the area who spent their time moving from one part of the lake to another to entertain themselves. Fishing is allowed in the lake for Bass, Rainbow, Catfish and Sunfish, and from the looks of the boat rental pier they are pretty busy when it warms up.


This fella hung around almost long enough for us to get some good pictures, from the looks of his tail feathers, he either had been kicked recently, or needed a haircut.


After a lunch of pretty good Sushi (I know, sushi in the middle of the desert, but it was good) we took off for Papago Park which is technically in Phoenix. I can’t figure out where these towns start and stop, and it was listed in the Tempe Tourism Guide so we decided to include it in our day. This is a 145 Acre desert conservation area in the middle of the hustle and bustle of 4.2 million people. It is a pretty and tranquil area, and we really enjoyed our visit.


As we were walking into the garden we saw these ‘cactus’ made of glass, which looked quite impressive.


As we were walking through the gardens it became quite obvious that there was not a city to be seen even though we were at the crossroads of Tempe and Phoenix.


Sylvia really liked the Sundial, and the rest of the garden, this was one of the first times she’s had her Wow day since we arrived in Arizona. I guess the times she’s sat watching me play baseball just haven’t been impressive enough for her to say Wow. I think she’s going to go shopping next time I have a game-day.


4 responses to “She’s been waiting for a WOW day

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Love your pictures. And Sylvia I love your white hair, it looks real good on you,
    Love, Mom


  2. Sometime take a drive up to Fountain Hills for a look. It is a beautiful area and there is a casino there on the Res that brings in pretty good shows (we saw Connie Francis there) and a nice RV park (Eagle’s Nest).


  3. We went to Fountain Hills last year and took a hike in McDowell Park. We’ll be going back this year and I will check out the RV park. Thanks.


  4. I have never seen anything like that sundial before. That’s pretty impressive, and the glass cactus… amazing. I’m sure that it would still hurt if you fell on it :^) Norma


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