More Hiking!



It’s been quite toasty here the last few days. On Sunday the thermometer topped out at 28° and of course it was sunny. Today it cooled off a bit and we were forced to endure a 25° degree day. We took the opportunity to head up the Apache Trail and walk into the base of the Superstition Mountains. As I had already had a soft ball practice in the morning it was after lunch before we packed up and headed to the mountains so we didn’t pick a trail that was too long.

The Superstitions are the mountain range just east of where we’re staying and I’ve posted a few pic’s of them in the background before. Our hike was around the other side of the peaks from where we view them every day, and we had a great time.

This is what we were facing when we left the truck. The Desert really has quite a bit of green this time of year, and in some areas the ground-cover looked like it belonged on a golf course.


After about 50 minutes we were close to the base of the cliffs but decided due to the lateness of the afternoon it was time to head back down the hill.  Hopefully we can come back on another day and complete the trail.


This is the view back across the valley, including one of several still active gold and silver mines in the area.


This view is towards Tortilla Flats which is a story for another day, and includes the Four Peaks on the right which can be seen from all over the Phoenix area. At 7657 feet they are the highest points in the county, and no we won’t be climbing them anytime soon.


As I mentioned Sunday was very warm, and after a good morning spent in the on-site worship service we spent some time walking around the park and ended up meeting a couple who live on Erickson Road, just around the corner from our home in Campbell River. This couple has been coming to the park for years, and we have several friends in common, including many from my working days at Telus as her ex-husband worked for BC Tel in Campbell River before I arrived in town. In the late afternoon we went out for dinner with my god-parents, May and Neil. It was May’s birthday – it was very nice to be part of the celebration. I’ve known them my whole life, and have some pictures at home of their oldest son and I hanging around on their couch. That is if you can accuse a 3 month old of just hanging around. May and Neil have been coming down to Mesa for the winters for about 29 years.


One response to “More Hiking!

  1. I’m glad to see you wearing a hat. I always wear a hat in the sun, especially in a hot sun. Good job, from the hat police. Norma


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