All Good Days!

The last few days have been busy, but not eventful if you know what I mean. At times it’s hard to think up things to write about when we’re just keeping busy here in Gold Canyon, so I’ve passed by on a couple of days worth of posts.

Since I wrote about our trip to the Musical Instrument Museum, we’ve had a couple of days worth of softball, interspersed with a line dancing class (I’ll leave it to you to figure out who did what) along with an actual for real pickle ball game. Up to now we’ve just been banging the ball back and forth to each other trying to figure out how things work, but when we arrived at the courts yesterday there was a couple also practicing by themselves and they asked us to play with them. The game is supposed to be played with 2 teams of 2 players, so after explaining that we knew nothing about the actual rules or scoring of the game we said we’d be glad to learn. We had a couple of games with them, and really enjoyed ourselves.

Today was another softball practice (I think the coach figures we need all the practice we can get) and in the afternoon we went into Mesa to attend a performance based on C.S. Lewis’ book The Screwtape Letters. For those of you who don’t know, the storyline revolves around a series of letters between Screwtape, a senior demon in Satan’s army, and his nephew Wormwood, a junior tempter given the task of claiming a young man still on the Earth for Hell. The letters outline the various means used to move a person away from God, and is quite satirical and poignant. We really enjoyed the show albeit thought provoking with a ting of conviction. There was a Q & A time with Max McLean who played ‘Screwtape’ after the show which indicated that his production company (Fellowship for the Performing Arts – FPA) is going to try and mount additional works based on Lewis’s various novels. The next book in the works is ‘The Great Divorce’.

After the 4:00 show (they do things early here in retirement land) we went for dinner at a fairly new restaurant serving vegan food and other dishes with a Mediterranean/Oriental/Mexican mix which was quite interesting. Have you ever had Kung Pao Pasta? No? Me either, but it was tasty. They use locally grown (and when possible organic) produce and ingredients, and we were really impressed with the quality and quantity of the meals. It’s a real casual atmosphere with very good service and an owner that likes to come around the tables to talk and joke with the customers.

Now we’re back in the trailer, and I’m watching the Oilers game on the tube. Any bets on Sam Gagner getting another 8 points tonight? He’s already got 2 in the first period. This Oiler team is going to be a real handful someday, probably sooner than later.


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