Not Everyone is a NFL fan obviously

As we were watching the first half of the Superbowl (the commercials were great for the most part – the game so, so) we heard what sounded like a weed whacker outside our trailer. There were 3 motorized parasails floating around over the desert behind our resort. They hung around for about 3o minutes or so, alternately buzzing by at altitude, and then dropping down almost to the deck and skimming along above the cactus. One of the units was quite large, and I think it had 2 people in the cart. It was a lot of fun to watch.


Oh, I almost forgot, Go Pats!


2 responses to “Not Everyone is a NFL fan obviously

  1. I’m not much of football fan myself, but I will tell you that Dave was sulking in a corner and wouldn’t even watch the game because the packers missed the boat completely :^) hahaha, I thought it was funny. Norma


  2. Sorry Dave. I’m sure the Packers will be back………someday 🙂


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