Albert Lee!!!

On Todays’ agenda was the exciting prospect of getting our laundry done. After that was over Sylvia took off for her Line Dancing class while I washed the truck. I told you we lead exciting lives down here in the desert!

This evening though we made up for it by attending a concert at the Musical Instrument Museum where we’d visited last week. They have a 300 seat auditorium that they keep quite busy with various and sundry types of musicians. Today we went to see guitarist Albert Lee. He has played with everyone from The Crickets (Buddy Holly’s band) to Eric Clapton, from Emmy Lou Harris to Joe Cocker and from The Everly Brothers to Earl Scruggs. Tonight he showcased songs from some of these performers, and included the first Country song he wrote, Country Boy, which was made popular by Ricky Skaggs. The show was absolutely fantastic, and we’re now on the hunt for more of his music.

I didn’t know how to describe the style of music that Sylvia could expect to hear when I first approached her with the idea of going to the concert. Albert has played almost everything in his career, but he seems to prefer Country and Rock-a-Billy and he played a solid 90 minute set of songs and I’d be lying if I told you I recognized more than 2 of them. It didn’t matter though, the music was great, and it was wonderful to hear songs attributed to the Everly Brothers or Ray Charles that didn’t get regular airplay when they were first performed.

All in all it was a wonderful night, and we’re looking forward to more concerts in the next several weeks.


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