A cold Valentines Day


Okay, so it wasn’t that cold, but there was some snow on the top of the Superstition Mountains next to the RV Park this morning. The morning started out grey and cloudy and by 8:00 it started to rain quite hard. Today was supposed to be Softball Day, but all 6 games here in the park were washed out, and probably were everywhere else in the Valley.

Today’s rain, other than about 18 drops that fell about 4 weeks ago, was the first rainfall we have had since we arrived. I think we can handle the wet weather…..It cleared up by noon but started again by 7:00 for a short while. I don’t think we’ll see any more in the next month or so.

The temperatures have been dropping down here over the last few days, peaking at only 13° today, down from 21 yesterday and 26 a few days ago. It looks like it’s going to be fairly cool over the next week or so, but still close to 20°. When we arrived here last year the temperatures were similar to this, and we had some snow and frost at our RV site. Hopefully we won’t see that again this year. Mind you, about 2 weeks after the frost it was over 100° so we’ll see if the pattern repeats itself.

We spent the day mostly indoors, and made a nice dinner and a special dessert to celebrate the day. I listened to the news this evening where I learned that men spend on average $170 on Valentines. I do believe I’m way behind on my spending for this special occasion. It’s a good thing Sylvia loves me, and that she’s a cheap date.

Oh, and don’t you think the iceberg picture (from St Carol’s Bay in Newfoundland last summer) looks like a polar bear?


4 responses to “A cold Valentines Day

  1. Yes, it does look like a polar bear. Just one thing though… I don’t think its fair that you talk about ‘cold’….. :^) Norma


    • Really Norma, When did you discover that life wasn’t fair 🙂 If you think I felt it was cold, you should have seen the reaction of those who have been here since October! At least I was still wearing shorts (not so for Sylvia), and I saw no one in shorts and quite a few quilted coats in evidence when I walked down to the ball field.


  2. David Charles Smith

    sunny here in kelowna, buds are starting to show up on trees, spring around the corner


    • My uncle used to own an orchard on Painter Road in Westbank. He didn’t like to see the buds so early when they could get damaged by frost. But you know farmers, if they’re not complaining, they’re not happy!


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