Honourable Mention.

Our good friends Brian and Kathy Driver arrived here in Gold Canyon on Friday evening. They too have had a plan for a long term cross-continent trip, but had to leave Campbell River somewhat later than they had originally planned due to a family emergency. As a consequence of that issue they now had some time to come and pay us a visit here in the warm and sunny south. The thing was, they arrived after dark on Friday evening on what was probably the coldest day we’d had here since we arrived. When we walked over to their site at about 8:30 it was downright freezing, and when I checked our local weather station later I found it was warmer in Campbell River than it was in Phoenix. We didn’t let that deter us though, and started in on a great visit.


On Saturday we showed them around the park a bit to let them understand why we say we’re having so much fun. That evening we had made dinner plans with family friends, (friends of my parents that I have known my whole life) and so we set up plans to go out and explore with the Drivers on Sunday.

On Sunday morning we met up with them early and introduced them to the church which is part of the community here in the park. It’s just one of the reasons we decided to stay here this year, and we have really enjoyed the services and fellowship, and so did the Drivers. Afterwards we went out for lunch with what seemed to be half of Mesa at a local Village Inn, and then drove off to Saguaro Lake for a 90 minute cruise on the Desert Belle. The lake (pronounced Sa-war-oh and named after the tall cactus which dominate the area) is one of a series of dammed portions of the Salt River built to provide irrigation and drinking water to the central Arizona area. It’s also a great area for boating, fishing and birdwatching.


The cruise runs us up to where the lake narrows back into a river channel, and the captain points out several features unique to the area, including Elephant Rock, Teddy Bear rock and one that looks like Homer Simpson’s profile…….That one looked too much like me, so I refused to take a picture.016-1034-1

On the trip we were treated to the sight of several boats burning holes in the water as they roared back and forth. One fella in a 35 foot Cigar boat must have gone past us 6 times in the 90 minutes. He probably burned through $100 worth of fuel but at least he had fun and annoyed several kayakers and wakeboarders.


It was about 27° on the lake, and as long as we were moving it was very comfortable, but when we stopped to take in the sights it got warm in a hurry. Not even the Blue Heron were interested in doing any fishing today.



All in all we had a great time on the lake (it’s so nice to see water for a change!), and went back to the trailer for a nice dinner and several games of crib. We also spent time discussing what life will be like when we finally decide to grow up. Sylvia and Kathy are quite happy with the way they played cards, so that should let you know who won. As far as the future goes, it’s anybody’s guess on what we’re going to be doing next year, but we’ve already reserved a spot here in Gold Canyon for next January so we’ll be back, Lord Willing.

This day turned out to be one of the warmest since we arrived, and we kept our doors and windows open until 10:00 which is at least 2 hours later than any other evening since we’ve been here. It didn’t cool off much overnight either, and we finally feel truly warm.

As far as the title of this post goes, a mutual friend of ours, Shelly G, said she wanted to see an honourable mention of the Drivers here in our blog, and you know we aims to please!


2 responses to “Honourable Mention.

  1. How wonderful to be able to visit with good friends so far away from home. You must have really been pleased. I know I would be. Norma


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