F C A – 35


Tonight’s entertainment was at the Mesa Art’s Center. The event was the 35th Anniversary Tour of the classic album – Frampton Comes Alive. We really weren’t that familiar with the original album, but certainly knew the most popular songs – Show Me the Way, Do you Feel Like We Do, and Baby I Love Your Way.

The original double album was about 75 minutes long and Frampton and his 5 piece band stretched out several of the songs into a 90 minute set. It was a great concert and got even better when they then moved into a blend of new and old songs. all together the concert was 2 hours and 50 minutes of great guitar music and memories. (If any of you can remember his original group Humble Pie, you’re far too old, and yes I did remember their music).

The stage was rather minimalist and they had a large screen behind the band showing pictures of vintage performance footage and Peter Frampton as a young boy. He’s now 61 years old, and while he looks good, he sure isn’t a kid anymore. He did make several references to the missing hair from the early pictures, including during one of the Humble Pie songs that directly refers to going bald and was recorded 42 years ago.


We again had a great time, and it was a treat to see a phenomenal guitar player keep us entertained for almost 3 straight hours.


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