Never a Dull Day

We arrived back at Gold Canyon late on Wednesday, after a busy few days exploring around Tucson. We took it easy on Thursday as it has been very warm here this week (finally) and managed to get caught up on some reading and relaxing, as well as getting a few laps in around the park. We also re-stocked the fridge and freezer, but found it to be so warm that Sylvia sent me out again after our evening walk to pick up some Ice Cream……Not that I did any complaining about that errand.

Friday was again full with chores and some shopping as well as Sylvia’s Line Dancing class which she has really enjoyed, so much so that she’s considering looking for classes at home this summer.  Next week is the last class.

Saturday found us heading into Mesa for a few reasons. My godmother is an artist, and she had 14 paintings up for show in the Apache Wells Art Show. She won 1 First Place Ribbon and 1 Honourable Mention, and was quite pleased with her results. The quality of the work on display is quite good, and we were able to meet a few of the artists, none of which were under 80 years young. Apache Wells is a residential community built around a first class golf course, as well as a large central recreation complex that includes swimming pools, and baseball diamonds. We were surprised to see them still playing ball at the park since our season was over 3 weeks ago.

We did some more shopping as we are on the hunt for some equipment we’ll require at the site we’ve booked for next year. That site will include a full southern exposure for the right side of the trailer, and we figure that we’ll need to have our awning deployed full time to keep some of the sun and heat off the fridge side of the trailer. A few of the trailers here have had their awnings out permanently, but you need to have them tethered to the ground to keep them from flopping around in the breeze. Our awning has been up and down so many times this year we’ve lost count, including having to take it down in the middle of the night when the winds picked up enough to try and turn the awning into a spinnaker.

Saturday evening we went to the Broadway Palms Dinner Theater to see the musical ‘Me and My Girl’. The food was pretty good, and the play was great. It had us cheering, clapping and laughing all night. It was also a pretty long night, as dinner was at 5:30 and the play wasn’t over until about 10:15 so we did get our money’s worth.

During the day on Saturday, the winds began to pick up again, and the sun didn’t show itself most of the day. It was still warm (25° during the day and still 19° at 10:30 pm) but the weather was supposed to cool off overnight. And cool off it did, as I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon it’s 8° and we’ve had some of the wildest weather I’ve seen in quite a while.

We woke up to heavy driving rain, which was nice enough to slow down enough for us to walk to church this morning.


After church it was still not raining, but we didn’t think that would last for long as the skies were dark and threatening. While we were having lunch, the skies actually cleared up a bit, and we saw quite a bit of blue, but that was only a teaser. Soon the skies turned dark again and we were entertained by a terrific lightning and thunder display which soon turned into about 20 minutes of hail.


The hailstones were about 1 cm across, and made quite a nice carpet of white. 010011

As soon as the hail stopped I went out to take some pictures of the park. The streets are sloped to run the water off into the desert, and we ended up with several small creeks running through the park. There were a couple of places that I couldn’t walk through due to there being about 10 inches deep of standing water, and more coming every second.


The desert will not absorb the water very quickly, and so every so often there are dry gulches (called washes) to collect and run off the rain water. The pond forming in the last photo is at the end of the park, and it was filling up quickly and starting to flow off into the desert next to the park. After I took these pictures the rain and hail returned for a while, and it’s still not getting any warmer but it’s made for an interesting day observing the outdoors. Now if only it will get warmer, and soon, that will be nice.



2 responses to “Never a Dull Day

  1. Connie Brougham

    Wow! That was quite the hail storm and run-off!


    • And it’s not stopping anytime soon. We’re sitting here trying to watch the news and it sounds like a tap dance troupe is practicing on our roof. At least it drowns out the sound of the thunder.


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