Spring is coming to the Desert


Things are starting to brighten up in the desert and here in the park. This flower from an Organ Pipe cactus is next to our RV site, and is pretty spectacular. I was talking to a lady from down the street yesterday, and as she was taking some pictures she told me she saw the flower last year. She made sure to get some pictures this time, as she missed it last year. I gather the flowers won’t last long.

There’s also been a large increase in quail and rabbits wandering around the park. I’m thinking that we’ll also see more predators chasing them soon. In the middle of last night Sylvia woke up to the hooting of an owl. Last year we had a Great Horned owl perched above our trailer for a week or so, and found a few rabbit parts on the ground underneath the palm tree. All part of nature I guess.



One response to “Spring is coming to the Desert

  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Sarah and I are jealous :^) Norma


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