Wandering around Cave Creek

We took off in the morning to visit Cave Creek, which is several miles north of Scottsdale. This is a small community which has a few interesting highlights.


They pride themselves on having a collection of small and unique shops and restaurants in the town square, and in the entire town have exactly one business that is part of a chain – the local Dairy Queen. In some ways the town reminded us of Coombs, with several artisans and gift shops congregated in a small area. Sylvia managed to find some unique gifts, potions and lotions among the various businesses, and we were very pleased to find the business owners very friendly, talkative and informative about their area.

One thing we were looking for was an authentic ‘Western’ shirt for a gif; and while we did find some great western clothing stores, they had rather high prices, and the shirts were all made in China or Vietnam, which disappointed us.  For the prices we were expecting ‘Made in the USA’.

They had several iron sculptures around the central square, including some anatomically correct oxen. And no, I didn’t take any close-ups.


Just south of Cave Creek is the town of Carefree, and the terrain there is quite different from most of the desert area. Both the hills and the flatlands are dominated by huge boulders that look like they could topple over at any time.


Below this pile of rubble is the Waldorf Astoria Boulders Resort, and on their grounds there are several rocks as big as houses that look like they belong in some giant baby’s playpen.


The cactus flower next to our site continues to gather a fair amount of interest, and people are always asking if they can walk through our site to take some pictures. One lady even wanted to take ‘our’ picture with ‘our’ cactus. I will have you know that she placed us this way to provide some contrast to the colour of the flower, and not because my fly was open.



4 responses to “Wandering around Cave Creek

  1. Connie Brougham

    Was it really called the Waldorf Astoria Boulders Resort? If so, that’s hilarious!
    I love the picture of you two-you’re both looking good! (and so is the little cactus!!!)


    • The official title is ‘The Boulders: A Waldorf-Astoria Resort’ Prices from $299 a night if you want to stay there on your next trip to the sunshine. And thanks for the compliment. All of us, including the cactus, feel pretty good too!


  2. $299 a night for a sleep adventure… because you never know… tonight might be the night the boulders fall. Norma


  3. Cliff Brougham

    Sorry, I can’t resist. Here’s what Laurel would say about that last picture, “Is that your cactus, or are you just happy to see me?”
    PS – Laurel regularly takes shots at me on Facebook if you’re interested.


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