This isn’t supposed to be a Duplex!

Shortly after 6:00 this morning, when Sylvia and I were still supposed to be sleeping, we were rudely awoken by a new neighbour. It seems that a pair of Mourning Doves wanted to move into the covered area on top of our bedroom slide. This area happens to be directly above our heads when we’re in bed, and we were treated to a fair bit of scratching and cooing until we decided to get up. (and yes, all that noise was coming from OUTSIDE the trailer).


I went outside and tried to shoo the birds away, and eventually I ended up pulling out the hose and blasting the nesting material and one of the birds out the far side of the slide topper.


I did this same procedure about 5 times and each time the birds returned after a few minutes. I guess they thought they’d found the place to set up house, and they weren’t going to be denied.


I finally ended up blocking the openings with cardboard and after a few fly-bys by the pair of doves they went looking for more hospitable accommodations. The funny thing is that we have another slide with a similar opening about 6 feet away from the bedroom and the doves don’t seem to be interested in it at all. Not that I’m complaining.


5 responses to “This isn’t supposed to be a Duplex!

  1. Connie Brougham

    They just wanted your company at night- and wanted to be as close to you and Sylvia as they possibly could!!! LOL


  2. those poor little faces,shame on you Rod! you could have caged them and brought them home! kidding…


    • Very soon it will be open season on doves down here, and open season is something they take very seriously in the Excited States. If I was to try and bring them home I might as well be painting a target on our truck!


  3. Mmmm….. pigeon pie!


  4. They were very tenacious weren’t they…. I would keep an eye on every little spot on your unit as these types of birds are known for their persistence. Norma


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