See Ya!

There’s a couple of reasons why we’ve chosen the title for this post. Today there must have been more than a dozen See Ya brand motorhomes that arrived here in the park. I guess they’re here early for the rally that starts on the 12th. All we’ve seen arrive this weekend is this particular brand, so I figure by the end of the week there will be about 150 or so of them keeping the place active. If it wasn’t for this group arriving, the place would be pretty empty. From our back window we can see the fence that separates the park from the highway and in the front we can see most of the way to the central area of the park. It’s more populated than the park next door where we could fire a cannon down the street last year and not hit anyone, and we’ve had quite a few people to talk to during our daily walks.

The second See Ya refers to the fact that we’re leaving the park on Sunday and heading towards home. I’ve been in denial all day, to the point of looking depressed (according to Sylvia), or at least grumpy……

We’ve really enjoyed our time here and have several email addresses to keep in contact with over the summer before we all congregate here again when the snow falls at our various home ports.

We’re all but packed up tonight, and will be attending the Easter Service at the local Baptist church here in Gold Canyon before we head out of town. The plan (until it gets changed) is to head back the way we came for the most part. We want to be in the Lower Mainland by Thursday or Friday if we can, so we’re going to try and make some time on the Interstates.

We’ve spent some time lately trying to figure out what we want to do when we grow up (we usually seem to get to that subject at some point during our travels away from home) and we think there will be some changes coming in our future. Stay tuned, and we’ll see you in Campbell River early next week.


6 responses to “See Ya!

  1. Cliff Brougham

    Give us a call when you get settled here at home and we’ll do coffee again. We’d love to hear more about your travels and we’ll fill you in on our latest adventures as well. Until then…..
    Cliff & Connie


  2. Changes?????????


  3. Safe journey…
    Life is really good in wine country!
    Call if you are up this way in the summer.


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