Needles California

After getting away from town at 12:15 this afternoon we tried to make as much mileage as possible. One nice thing about having to leave on Sunday was that we didn’t have to deal with a huge amount of traffic as we drove through the middle of Phoenix. The trip was great, and we saw some varied terrain along the Colorado River that reminded us how many different colours there actually are in the desert. Every second hill along the river valley seemed to be a different colour, from white to chocolate to rust coloured. We made it to Needles in about 5 hours, and everything ran fine, including our most favourite accessory, the Air Conditioning.

When we drove away from the church in Gold Canyon, the external temperature was 34° which is as hot as we’ve seen it this winter in Arizona. Even passing over a fairly high pass the temp didn’t drop below 30° and when we drove into Needles at 5:30 it was still 33° here. Sylvia is close to melting, and we’re hoping things cool off a bit, though the Weather Network site shows a low of 20° overnight. At least the area north of Bakersfield seems to be a little cooler than here, so I won’t have to worry about Sylvia turning into a puddle for much longer.

We were pretty well ready to go this morning other than buttoning up a few things and trying to pack the last of our stuff away. By the time we got this finished at 10:00 it was very warm, and so I headed off to the bathhouse for a last minute cool shower to try and get more comfortable. While I was cooling off the couple who were moving into our site showed up (about 3 hours before check in time) and were rather perturbed that we weren’t out of the way. I’m beginning to get a bad feeling about the See Ya owners group, much like my buddy Croft is unhappy with group Caravans who take over RV Parks in Mexico. He’s had a couple of experiences with Caravans and they tend to run roughshod over everyone and everything in the parks they visit and  everyone else in the park becomes a second  (or third) class citizen.  Hopefully this won’t happen at Canyon Vistas, as there are still lots of nice people left in the park and we don’t want to see them over-run.

Tomorrow we’re off towards Fresno or thereabouts and we’ll see if we can post something about our day.

Map picture

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