Knox Mountain Hike

A couple of days ago we took a hike in Knox Mountain Park. You can actually walk from the bottom of the mountain to the very top which is only a couple of hundred meters in elevation, but we decided to drive to the top and hike the various trails we found there. Nobody can say we’re too energetic now can they.IMG-20120702-00063IMG-20120702-00064

The trails are not that well marked, but it’s not very far in any direction before you reach a cliff or a subdivision so you can’t get lost. The views are terrific, and we really enjoyed our time.


We stopped in at the local Tourist Info center before heading to the park to see what we could find out about hiking trails in the area, and we have lots of places to explore now. We’re looking forward to seeing the Myra Canyon trestles and the various Westside trails once we get established here.


We had the home inspection done on our proposed purchase today, and the house got a gold star from the inspector. He gave us a couple of suggestions regarding minor items that should be upgraded but over all things look very good. When he was finished he gave us a binder showing his findings and detailing any maintenance items we need to learn to keep the place ship-shape. We’ve received about 35 documents related to the strata council minutes and regulations of the development, so we’ve got lots of research to do before we clear all the subjects on the sale. At least we’ve got some sunny warm days coming while we sit outside and do our reading. Is summer finally here?


3 responses to “Knox Mountain Hike

  1. Connie Brougham

    Glad you two are enjoying your new City. Summer has finally arrived on the Coast too. Oh those”lazy hazy, crazy days of Summer” !!! LOL


  2. What an incredible view. Is the community below Kelowna? I was just trying to place where Knox Mountain is.
    Love to you both,


  3. It sure sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Good thing you’re retired! Happy reading!


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